Divorce and Separation Lawyers

Divorce And Separation Lawyers

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Divorce clients experience disagreement and anxiety over custody of children, division of property, and the payment of child and spousal support.  The experienced divorce lawyers at Hughes Law Group, a Sacramento based family law firm, are with customized services for your actual legal needs and regular communication so that you understand your options and rights.  We represent parents and spouses throughout Sacramento, Yolo, Placer and El Dorado Counties with negotiation (whenever possible) and litigation (whenever necessary).

Hughes Law Group attorneys handle both contested and uncontested divorces as well as legal separation and annulments. We represent our clients' zealously through informal negotiation all the way through court room litigation. 

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  • 40% -50%

    According to the American Psychological Association, 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce.[1]

  • 11.8%

    Sacramento County has one of the highest divorce rates in California.  Census information from 2016 indicate that 11.8% of the total population of Sacramento County has already completed the divorce process.[2]

  • 45%

    According to the Sacramento Bee, in the city of Sacramento, only 45 percent of adults are married. In the nearby suburbs of Roseville and Elk Grove, about 60 percent of adults are married. [3]

Divorce, Legal Separation or Annulment?

In the state of California, a married couple may enter into separation agreements that defined their property and custody rights without a divorce.  A Judgment of Legal Separation is sometimes preferred to divorce for a number of reasons, usually involving religious practice or availability of dependent benefits.  In the absence of a default, both parties must agree to a legal separation instead of the divorce.

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  • Krystal L.

    During our meeting, Mr. Hughes was so informative and to the point, he was so kind and gave me a realistic idea of what I would need for my case.