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For over 25 years, Hughes Law Group has successfully helped family law and divorce clients achieve favorable results in Sacramento and Placer Counties. Our representation involves child custody, child and spousal support, community property (characterization, valuation and division), jurisdictional matters, negotiation and preparation of marital settlement agreements and judgments. We have also been successful in obtaining favorable post judgment modifications, including (but not limited to) spousal support, child support and child custody matters. Excellent family law attorneys excel at three primary tasks:

  • As an advisor helping clients understand their legal rights and obligations with their practical implications.
  • As an advocate zealously asserting the client's position under the adversary system.
  • As a negotiator pursuing results advantageous to the client consistent with honest dealings.


Sacramento divorce attorney

Our Practice Areas

  • divorce_separation_yellow

    Divorce & Separation

    Hughes Law Group attorneys handle both contested and uncontested divorces as well as legal separation and annulments.
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  • child_support_yellow

    Child Support

    Calculation, Collection, Determination of Income Available for Support, Day Care Reimbursements, Health Care Reimbursements
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  • division_marital_estate_yellow

    Division of Marital Estate

    Disclosure Requirements, Characterization, Award of Assets and Assignment of Debts, Use of Family Residence, Temporary Orders for Payment of Community Debts before Judgment.

  • child_custody_yellow

    Child Custody

    Joint and Sole Custody, Legal Custody, Parenting Plans, Move-Away Cases, Visitation (Supervised Visitation Terms)
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  • domestic_violence_yellow

    Domestic Violence Prevention 

    Restraining Orders Applications and Defense
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  • Spousal_support_yellow

    Spousal Support

    Temporary and Post-Judgment (Modification and Termination Motions), Partner Support
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  • paternity_yellow_1

    Paternity – Uniform Parentage Act

    Custody and Support actions involving unmarried parents

  • domestic_partnership_yellow

    Domestic Partnerships

    LGBT Issues, Partnership Support, and Marvin Claims (Living Together Contracts)

Qualified family law attorneys

Why Hire An Experienced, Local Divorce Attorney?

  • You are going through an emotional time and decisions need to be made.  Sometimes the right choice in your case runs contrary to your immediate emotional desires.  Everyone goes through stages of grief, anger, avoidance, and bargaining.  That fourth phase, bargaining, can be most dangerous because you are likely to make a deal spontaneously that you will regret.  It is normal to shift between these emotional states spontaneously, even in the same conversation.  An experienced divorce attorney inquires about your goals, develops your case strategy, and explains choices logically so you keep on your path.

  • All good attorneys are zealous advocates for their clients, but does your attorney seem like s/he has a good relationship with nearly everyone in courthouse?  If he or she has already built good will and relationships with your spouse’s attorney, don’t you think that would reduce needless friction and ultimately expenses in your case?

  • You fundamentally need a qualified family law attorney as your zealous advocate.  That lawyer needs to have extensive experience in cases just like yours.

  • Agreements for the division of community property, community debts, payment (or waiver) of spousal support, attorneys fees and all child support agreements have very specific statutory requirements to be enforceable.  Don’t give up one of your rights for nothing in return.

  • Is the lawyer familiar with your local court?  Judges have their own experiences and perspectives.  Does your attorney know them?  Each County also has its own local rules and they change often.  Following a local rule could mean, for example, the difference between a child custody evaluator reviewing your evidence or ignoring it.  Did your attorney attend the local Bar luncheon discussing changes to the new local rules?  Are they subscribed to the local Family Law Section of the County Bar email list?

  • You can represent yourself in Family Court, but even attorneys themselves hire accomplished, local divorce attorneys.  It is a great compliment when another member of the Bar hires the firm to represent them.  Family Court procedures are significantly different from that in other legal cases.  Attorneys that dabble in family law and new lawyers are easily spotted.  Experienced attorneys were once new too, but the lawyer that you want sought out skilled mentors and has developed skills over a long period of time.

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Marc has been amazing guiding us through a complicated case involving international jurisdictions and child support payments. He is knowledgeable, advocated on our behalf and was very effective. One of the better decisions I made was hiring Hughes Law Group.

  • Fran H.

    Sacramento, CA

Amazing attorneys who are experienced at family law.  Marc is highly intelligent and fights for your case.

  • P.A.

    Sacramento, CA

Hughes Law Group helped me through a horrible divorce.  Helped me to stand up for what was right for my children. They are very knowledgeable and ethical. I highly recommend Hughes Law Group.

  • Kelly B.

    Citrus Heights, CA

We were saved; he did so much for us. For the money we paid him he did even more work for us. He was such an honest and a straight forwarded person that I would never think that there is such lawyer nowadays that can be that honest and dedicated.

  • Addison M.

    San Francisco, CA