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Initial Consultation.

Our initial one-hour consultation is offered at the reduced rate of $250.00. This is a working meeting. We provide value in that first hour. Many potential clients use this consultation as a confidential “second opinion” when they already have other counsel.


The amount of a retainer deposit depends upon the services required. We charge $350.00 per hour (after our first meeting).  We are available for as little as a single meeting to as much as a full trial. We accept Visa and MasterCard.


Client Contact.

Attorneys of our firm take phone calls when available. At other firms, after hiring the attorney, you may only be able to talk to a paralegal or secretary. Our staff will also schedule telephone conferences for your convenience.



What do we expect from our family law clients?

Our clients are expected to be truthful and cooperative, to maintain contact with our divorce lawyers including providing new telephone numbers, to respond promptly to our correspondence, to fill out worksheets to the best of their abilities, to provide available financial information and to maintain funds in our retainer account sufficient to allow us to continue working.  [We do not offer payment plans on initial retainers].  While most clients hire us with a traditional retainer deposit for the full scope of representation, some retain the firm on a reduced budget for limited-scope tasks.  Others may pay one hour at a time for consultations without formal representation.

You are also expected to ask questions about anything in your divorce or custody case that is not completely understood. We will not sign off on any legal agreements binding your legal rights until we are convinced that you have had the opportunity to discuss those agreements fully with us, that you completely understand the agreement and that you are entering into the agreement freely and voluntarily.