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Divorce doesn’t need to be painful

Filing for divorce in Placer County is never easy, but the process can be made much easier by hiring the right attorney. 

You need an experienced family law attorney who knows how to make the process as painless as possible while getting fair results for your case. Hughes Law Group has successfully helped our family law and divorce clients in Roseville with child custody, child support, spousal support, property division and other issues related to legal separation or dissolution of marriage (divorce) cases since 1993.

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How a Roseville divorce lawyer can help.

You don’t need to struggle with family law issues.  Hughes Law Group can advise and advocate for you.

Establish fair custody of your children

It's important to get the appropriate help. Child custody cases are complex and difficult to navigate without an experienced family law attorney. Contact a custody attorney that practices regularly in Placer county.

Child Custody »

Reduce your financial burden

Spousal support is intended to ease the transition from shared income to two separate households.  Initial awards of temporary spousal support orders can vary widely from post-judgment amounts.  Give yourself peace of mind knowing that our experienced attorneys can fully analyze these all support factors customized for your situation.

Spousal Support »

Ensure your child is supported financially

We understand the enormous financial burden an inadequate child support creates.  We can work with you to negotiate an appropriate amount or secure correctly-calculated mandatory guideline child support whenever a settlement is not possible.

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Identify and divide your marital property fairly

You are entitled to one-half of your community estate acquired during your marriage, but you are not required to share any of your separate property estate.  Your spouse is required to make certain disclosures of financial information to you.  Everyday, we assist with identifying these estates and fairly dividing them so our clients can move on.

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We’ll handle the details so you can focus on moving forward.

Our team works closely with you to create a plan that meets your needs while providing personalized attention throughout the process.

Helpful Information and Links for the Placer County Superior Court

The Placer County courthouse physical addresses are:

Bill Santucci Justice Center

(Used for Shorter “Law and Motion” Family Law Hearings)

10820 Justice Center Drive
Roseville, CA 95678
(Departments 30 through 44)

8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Historic Courthouse

(Used for “Long Cause” hearings and Family Law trials)

101 Maple Street
Auburn, CA 95603
(Departments 1 – 6)

Family Law Division Clerks

Available via telephone Monday through Friday
(excluding noon to 1:00 for lunch) at
(916) 408-6000 (option 6). 

Superior Court clerks can be helpful with procedural questions but only licensed California attorneys can give any legal advice.

The Placer County Superior Court website:

The Placer County general mailing address is:

Placer County Superior Court

P.O. Box 619072
Roseville, CA 95661-9072

Helpful Links

Placer County Local Rules of Court 

Local Rules are usually updated every January. 
The most recent Covid-19 regulations and procedures are located on the court website main page under INFORMATION REGARDING INFORMATION

Learn More »
Placer County Superior Court Fee Schedule

Placer County Electronic Filing. Documents filed by attorneys are processed via electronic filing through a designated Electronic Service Provider set up by each family law firm. Parties representing themselves may file documents in person at either the Roseville or Auburn court locations.

Learn More »
Placer County Court Approved Providers List

This list provides information for divorce and custody cases such as parenting classes, co-parenting classes, supervised visitation providers, domestic violence support groups, anger management and domestic violence education and other services.

Learn More »

Placer County Superior Court Video Appearance Scheduling

Some, but not all, court hearings may proceed via video appearance.  If your Roseville or Auburn hearing is not listed in the system after accessing the remote appearance center, a personal appearance may be required.  Current rules require scheduling video appearance access before 4:00 pm the business day before your hearing, but not earlier than 30 days prior.

For hearings which the court does not automatically set for video appearance, parties and attorneys may file a specific form with the court to request a video appearance.  Notice of the request must be provided to the opposing party or opposing attorney.  This is the Placer County Remote Appearance Form.


For issues regarding video access setup, etc. contact 916-408-6405.  For issues with access DURING HEARING SESSIONS contact 916-644-1076 (hit *00) and wait for assistance.


To request a continuance of a hearing, the Placer County Local form (Form #PLA-0083) must be faxed to the court BY NOON TWO DAYS BEFORE THE HEARING. The court fax number is 916-408-6284. A confirming letter must also be attached to the form and faxed to the court stating that both parties or attorneys agree to continue the hearing.